Every time I’m finished with a project (that is, when we have launched a new web site and we are live), I wonder if I will be able to keep the creativity going. Because let’s face it, in web design, many things have already been done. Many cool things… What is left to be the next new cool thing? Will I be able to make a new web site that does not ressemble any I made before?

It will be cool if every new web site I design was the next cool thing. But that will mean leaving in Utopia. Of course, once in a while you come up with an idea that has never been used before, but do you have a client right now that can benefit from it? Maybe your next client will have a project where you will be able to showcase your innovation. Maybe not.

The way I keep my creativity going is by visiting a lot of web sites, reading a lot of blogs about cool new technology (whether it’s web related or not). I also make sure that my technical skills are up to the challenge, so I still take classes, attend web seminars and have fun with the tools I use, whether it’s Photoshop, php, content management systems, web servers, or simply cooking. I try things out. Just for the fun of it. Just to be creative.